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Admission Process

At Ashoka Academy, We Celebrate Every Beginning!

Commencing a child's educational journey is a pivotal moment, and at Ashoka Academy, we're dedicated to ensuring it's a joyful and thrilling experience. We're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to young learners, embracing them from the onset of the school year in which they turn three, guiding them with care and support until they're ready for high school.

Admission with a Personal Touch:

At Ashoka Academy, we believe in nurturing each child's unique potential. Our admission process begins with an oral/written test, which helps us understand the individual needs and capabilities of the student. Rest assured, we'll carefully determine the appropriate class for your child, ensuring the best fit for their growth and development.

Registration Made Easy:

To initiate this wonderful journey, simply acquire a registration form for a nominal fee of Rs 500 from our school office. We kindly request that you fill out the registration form before the admission test, which will allow us to better prepare for your child's arrival.

A Note on Subsidies and Fees:

While we are committed to providing quality education, we kindly ask that you refrain from requesting subsidies or fee rebates. Your investment in your child's education is an investment in their future, and we're here to support their growth every step of the way. Join us at Ashoka Academy, where every new beginning is celebrated, and every child's journey is nurtured with care and commitment. Together, we'll embark on an educational adventure filled with excitement and promise!

Following documents are required at the time of admission .

  • TC ( transfer certificate ) of the previous school .
  • Birth certificate xerox ( issued by Hospital or local governing body )
  • Aadhar card xerox.
  • Six coloured photo of the student and one photo of father and mother.
  • Blood group of student.


Parents who are thinking of applying for a place at Ashoka Academy are warmly invited to visit us and look around any time.


Applications for a place at Ashoka Academy must be made through school office. Parents are encouraged to visit in school or contact on +91-9934588402.

  • Start Online Submission
  • Submit The Form
  • Review The Submission
  • Gather Necessary Documents
  • Interviewing Process
  • Last Decision